What if you could see through the eyes of your teammate, while both of you are on a journey together, to build a better version of YOU? Wouldn’t it strengthen you? Or watch the moment a decision is being made to head to the gym or hit the couch... one leading to fitter, the other to fatter? Wouldn’t it motivate you?

 What if you were a part of a movement that empowered an awakening within a nation...

...and it created an awareness that led you to your purpose...

...where you found a freedom worth living for...

...and it started with you, right now, ready to change.

Wouldn’t you want to join the fight?
The Whole Picture.

I understand learning to change something as “general” as what you eat for breakfast can be dependent on MANY factors. We are human and life is unpredictable. Things are not always black and white. Sometimes, in order to change the details, you have to understand the whole picture. Often, people huddle up to scrutinize the fine print when they could read the story better by taking a few steps back.

The Purpose.

Find your PURPOSE. Refuse to merely putt along in a mundane life. Fight for freedom from the things that hold you back from being the best you yet. Break free and wake up. If you don’t like something, change it. Don’t let a day in your life go by with dread for your job, or a guilty feeling about eating, or becoming numb to happiness. Go find something in this world that makes you barely able to sleep each night in anticipation for the next day!

The Problem.

Every drop of water shapes a stone. I believe eating and living a “clean and whole” lifestyle is the foundation for your body, mind, and soul. Most people would probably agree. If you are looking to find your purpose, you must start with a well-fed body and healthy lifestyle.

But, learning to achieve that lifestyle is much easier said than done.

Think how often you have “quit” a diet, or “fallen off the bandwagon” or “didn’t reach your goals” because you lost focus, motivation or you just didn’t know what to do or how to do it. In fact, how do you make a habit or a skill become learned and ingrained as something you do without thinking about having to do it?

How, do you teach someone how to live a lifestyle?

The Solution.

We learn skills and lessons best through...

  • accountability
  • encouraging environment from peers
  • first-hand experience
  • guidance-- hands-on and visually
  • repeat, repeat, repeat and practice
  • constant and immediate feedback

...So, why not teach “Lifestyle Learning“ the same way?

On September 14, I am launching an 8-week, unfiltered, unrehearsed broadcast that will stream, live, 24/7.

That means I will be on camera 24-hours a day, for 56-days straight. I want to teach you how to live a lifestyle by living mine with you. With 2 cameras attached to my body, every decision will be yours to see...openly, honestly, and fully-committed...I will show how I live a balanced, fulfilled, purpose-fueled, passion-driven life.

The Meeting Room.

Periscope, a new social media app, will allow us learn and experience a better lifestyle together.

Read these intro articles for the gist:

“Up Periscope”

“How Periscope Can Change Your Thinking”

Use Periscope as our Meeting Room where you can come to meet n’ greet, ask questions (or just listen), suggest ideas, get motivated, and find your voice.


This 8-week project has yielded a 56-day journey. The mission is to fight for freedom from the things keeping us from our purpose.

I Have Fought with (and still fight)...

  • Food- taking the time to plan snacks
  • Fitness- working out consistently
  • Life- balancing family and work
  • Work- being a boss with rules vs a leader being followed
  • Spirit- staying focused on the light at the end and less on the path I travel

...the same things you do. I want to improve myself in all of these areas which hold me back from being the best me yet. I want to find freedom.

That is why I have given this name of our journey: “The Freedom” Tour.

The Care Package.

While on “The Freedom” Tour, I will have the ability to closely commit my attention to a special few of you who want that extra bit more. As a member of this select group, you will truly journey alongside me. I will help you to adopt a new lifestyle and learn how to sustain it for a lifetime.

I have created a 1-month Care-Package to help you begin: (total retail value: $980.00-$1,115)

  • 1 Month of 60 Eatology meals shipped to your door (no dishes to wash or grocery list to plan)
  • 2 weeks of Food Log Grading & Accountability (receive feedback specifically for YOU)
  • Nutrition Seminar (understanding “why” you are doing something helps to ingrain it)
  • Hotline Access (Call/Text): Operated By ME... specifically for my select team (sometimes you need NOW)
  • Snacklist Guide for “Practice” Meals (build balanced meals)
  • Restaurant & Cooking Support for non-Eatology meals (learn how to eat responsibly)
  • VIP Invitations To All Periscope Events (calendar & bookings: see our schedule of events)
  • “The Allegiance”-- Private Huddles Just For Our Team (foundation-building, world-changing, team-time)

My name is Laurah Lawson and I’m the Founder/CEO of Eatology, a meal delivery kitchen that prepares handcrafted meals and ships them nationwide right to your door. Our healthy Paleo-Zone meals are made from fresh, natural ingredients and we reconstruct them into meals that are not traditionally “healthy” like Chili Cheese Fries, Primal Pizza, Lurong Lasagna etc...



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