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" I have eaten healthy since I joined crossfit. I lost 7 pounds back in April and have maintained the rest. First week with Eatology, I lost 5 lbs and my jeans dont fit anymore. Thanks!"

-Candace Mobley

" I just want to share my awesome experience with Eatology. After hearing about this awesome service through a friend I decided to give it a try . Within a day of ordering my meals they were hand delivered.

The ease of having all my meals planned and portioned out took all the temptation and stress out of deciding "what "and" how" to eat everyday. The meals are incredibly fresh and full of flavor ! I have to say the sundried tomato chicken with green beans was my favorite and for breakfast I loved the eggs. It delicious, filling, and I had energy..

I just wonder how the veggies are still so crisp!? Eatology is a great concept and great experience!!"

-Angie Armstrong

"I am very thankful for the food provided by Laurah and Eatology. At first I was a little skeptic, since most food providers deliver portion control, convenience but not the taste. Laurah's foods deliver the first two, AND are a super tasty way of eating right. I have even found you can be flexible with the food and still get results. I have been with the program for a couple of weeks now and in combination with Crossfit, my life and body has started to change. I feel great, have started losing weight like a food burning machine and unlike other things I have temporarily tried, this lifestyle is a keeper. I now look forward to exercising and eating Eatology meals as I know I will reach my goals and keep it that way."

-Happy Customer


"My husband has lost over 40 pounds, and I have lost 18 pounds since we started Eatology four months ago. The food is delicious! All the meals are seasoned so flavorfully, and the vegetables are crisp and very good. This program has been a great inspiration to us both, and we've been reminded of the importance of proper portion sizes. We definitely recommend Eatology to anyone who wants to eat healthy."

-Dallas Customers

Hi Laurah,

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your help over the past 6 weeks. I've been able to live a relatively normal life and still lose weight. In addition to my 4-5 day workouts of cardio & yoga, I've been following the paleo zone as closely as I can (weekends, I drift a little :). I feel good and have accomplished the following:

1" from chest :(
1.5" from waist
.5" from hips (trouble spot)
.5" from thighs (even worse trouble spot)

I'm not a scale person so I don't quite know what this means in terms of lbs but I do know that I'm able to put on a pair of jeans that I bought over 5yrs ago! I hadn't been able to wear them since I got pregnant with my first baby!!

Thank you so much!!!!

-Kym Wells
Lifetime Athletic
Dallas, TX

Hi, My name Jazmin and I am 30 years old. Three months ago I was at my heaviest weight ever and I was very sad and frustrated …now I am 40 pounds lighter thanks to Eatology. When I met Laurah, I was doing strict diets with a personal trainer and I had only lost 10 lb in two
months ….. which left me even more frustrated and much less motivated. However, from the
beginning Laurah took my goals as hers. She taught me that nutrition its basically the core of fitness and is essential to my weight lossgoals. Nutrition was why I was not seeing results!!!

I have to say eating Eatology is totally my favorite part of the day (the second is going to my workouts lol)! What I love the most about eating Eatology is that I don't feel guilty or stressed out
about eating delicious food! It also helps to know that someone cares for you and your goals by putting so much love in the food.... so much that you can even taste it!

And now, I am so excited about my new body that I even took pictures to send to my mother in Peru to let her know how much competition she has in our Weightloss Bet!!!!
I can't thank Eatology enough for all they have done for my health and my self esteem.

-Jazmin Beltran
College Station, Texas


Well, where to begin? I started Eatology back in May, due to the lack of time and preparation it takes to shop and cook for one. My weight at the time was around 275-280. I was in somewhat of a routine with walking my dogs and playing recreational sports 2-3 times a week, but not able to make the correct choices when it came to eating. I then decided to give Eatology a chance and haven't regretted it or looked back since.

I stuck to the program of eating those meals, the correct snack choices, along with my moderate exercise and over those first two and half months dropped 20-25 pounds! Now, that's not to say I didn't cheat here and there, because I did, (so who knows how much I really could have lost?) but I still lost all that weight and have continued to maintain my weight around 250-255 and couldn't be happier. I know that losing any extra weight is totally attainable with the right determination and dedication.

Eatology takes all the guesswork out of eating. Just pop a meal in the microwave and in minutes you have a healthy and delicious meal to fill you up! It doesn't get any easier/better than that! Wait, it does get better! I now am living out of state and still get my Eatology delivered every week!

There's no reason not to give Eatology a try! I did go without Eatology for about 3-4 weeks as I adjusted to my new life up north and thought I could do it on my own—boy did I learn!!—I could not wait to get back on it! I could totally feel the difference in such a short amount of time, from feeling all light on my feet and tons of energy, to heavy, lethargic and lazy, but that's a thing of the past! Thanks to Laurah and her team for making it so easy to eat healthy and live in a better way!

-Robert Haddon
Bryan, Texas
Morgantown, West Virginia


I started Crossfitting in June 2009. Along with Crossfit, I learned how to eat paleo-zone and over time I incorporated it as lifestyle. By sticking to working out and eating paleo-zone, I lost 30lbs within the first year. With losing the weight, I felt amazing over all. Receiving the right nutrition can make a world of difference. In December 2011, I came upon my first major injury and had to stop working out. That's when I started ordering Eatology consistently. I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best food for my body and correct portions to match. Sure, I could cook on my own but I would always eat a little extra or put extra or snack here and there. With Eatology, I have seemed to get passed the plateau I was on and lose extra that I couldn't lose before (even when I was working out!). Thanks Eatology!

Dayla Hall, 26


Just received my food yesterday afternoon and I must say that I already tried two dishes and it was completely delicious. I loved it!!! As a nurse in the military I work 12.5hrs and constantly find myself eating outside cause I really don't have the time to prepare all my meals, (specially when I'm on night shifts). Thanks to Eatology Paleo-Zone I will be able to provide my body with the nutrients that it needs. No more skipping a meal for me!! Thank you so much for providing me with an outstanding customer service. Best wishes in all your journeys and much success!!!

Katia Alicea Collazo



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